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This website is created as an experiential learning project for the BAKE 204 Tea and Coffee course at the Longo Faculty of Business, Humber College.

The project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the Baking and Pastry Arts Management program and the Digital Business Management BComm program, supervised by Chef Alastair Gray & Hanadi Alnawab, and funded by Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship

Coffee and tea are the most widely consumed beverages on the planet. With these beverages, many meal experiences can be greatly enhanced, or spoiled. BAKE 204 Coffee, Tea and Café Service, a course within Baking and Pastry Arts Management program is an introduction to the science of tea and coffee production, preparation and service. The course will take the students from the fields where tea and coffee plants are cultivated, through to the harvesting, processing, packaging, distribution, to the ultimate destination, a cup at your favourite watering hole.

On this website, second year students have been given instructions to critique a coffee or tea shop and review every aspect of their experience from the quality of the beverage to how it is presented to what it is presented in, and of course what you can eat with it, making sure to not forget the ambiance.

Please visit HumberOnline.Solutions to learn more about this project and other experiential learning initiatives at the Longo Faculty of Business


  • Absolutely delicious chocolate cake and great atmosphere at the Lake Café!

    Jane Smith